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Have you got your online casino strategy?

So you are looking to beat online casino’s?

Beat online casino’s sound appealing? There are many online strategies you can find describing how to beat online casino’s online, BUT we wanted to find out how many of these strategies actually worked and if so how can we employ these cheats so we could share the tips and tricks that we learnt along the way with you. You might be aware of bandarq games too. It is nothing but another form of QQ games online. bandar games have now been included on ordinary gambling sites too for the players to earn the advantage of winning in this field.

Strategy one that we found online – New accounts win more.

Looking into this strategy we wanted to find out if this was true and we wanted to see for ourselves, there are many online casino players who swear by this strategy. So we put it to the test. TopCasinoPayouts set up 25 new accounts, depositing 50$ each, over 25 different online casinos. We chose to play a 5 reel online slot to keep the test fair. Of the 25 accounts that we set up 14 of these accounts had doubled the deposits, 6 had nearly tripled and the others we lost out on. We chose not to use the online casinos welcome bonuses to top up our deposits to make it an even playing field.

Now the outcome of this test would not be fair if we didn’t use an existing 25 online casino accounts also topped up with 50$ to see which accounts won more often. The existing accounts results were 10 accounts doubled their money, 3 tripled the deposit and 4 accounts quadrupled.


Our findings show that although new accounts won more frequently the returning accounts won more money overall. Does this prove that new accounts win more at online casinos? We will let you decide. Personally I think it’s pretty even and If I had the chance to 4x my deposit I’d rather that, than a 2x return.

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Leigh is a gaming wiz and loves how challenging and competitive casino games are. In her free time, you will see her honing her card skills and learning about new strategies and tricks.

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