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While in other European countries and the world some of the online casinos and betting sites are legalized, in France two monopolies (the francaise des jeux and PMU) defend ferociously their interests by preventing online casinos and gaming sites of money online to compete on the territory. Even today the francaise des jeux and PMU are in the field of gambling, two State monopolies that block the French market of gambling with laws dating back to Napoleon for some. All these efforts policies and the French games block only French companies because many foreign Internet casino sites are translated in our dear language of Moliere and thus allow the French to access online casino games and the most popular online gambling games (Poker, roulette, BlackJack, paris online,…).

Luckily for us people of the world, there are guards crazy against the monopoly it is State or private (the commissions anti-trust in the USA, European commission for Europe,…). After a political struggle of many discussions of several years against the French State on gambling monopoly online, the liberalisation of the market of online gambling could happen in 2010 to counter foreign competition that generate several million euros in France under the nose of French casinos.

It is expected that French Internet users will be able to play legally on casino sites online and gambling such as poker online read more casino information, roulette, bets on horse races (paris turf), sports betting and other online betting but deemed slot machines too addictive will remain prohibited. The online casinos and other gambling sites will have to obtain a license (not without difficulty I think) to be recognized legal in France. Just like in other countries, the certification and license of casino sites are very crucial. Situs Judi Bola is one of the sites that is trusted and reliable.

Now remains to be seen if the licence will be accessible to any company or only those who have right passes in our dear administrations… In all cases the countdown began. Legislation will be submitted to Parliament in the fall of 2009 in order to define the duration of the licences and what taxation will be submitted online gambling operators. Eric Woerth, the Budget Minister said that online gambling market will begin with a pilot phase of two to three years. Permits will be issued at casinos, on condition that the candidate for this license casino meets a precise specification. The specification of the online casino must meet conditions such as: -Ban on minors to play.

Approved lobby software.

Payment of a fee which is not yet defined but at the sight of the first proposals this tax subject to gambling online will be surely too high to allow French casinos to compete effectively against foreign online casinos.

And a sandwich of other conditions including some casinos hard measures must comply with currently… Many operators (casinos, betting line, scratch card games and other gambling online…) foreigners are impatiently waiting for this new legislation, which some French operators emigrated abroad unable to offer their games on the French territory.

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