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Five Of The Dumbest Things I Did Playing Poker

As with anything new in someone’s life – whether it’s a new job, or a new recipe, or even a new game, you have to learn about it before you can say you understand it. The same thing goes for 먹튀검증 poker. I really enjoy the game, but there was a time when, well, I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing. Boy, did I mess up? And, with some embarrassment, you can find out the 5 stupidest things I’ve ever done at the poker table. I hope these mistakes are something you can avoid.

Dumbest Move #1 – I sat down at a poker table at the casino and had my $50 ready to play, and halfway through the first hand I was broke, busted couldn’t even make the bet! Why? Because, stupid me, I didn’t realize that poker tables have different table limits, and I happened to sit at a 5 card stud game that was $10/$20 limits!

I had enough to ante-up and that was about it. The thing was: I had a great hand, with three kings and an ace. The kind of hand that, with sufficient cash, I could have won by strategically raising. But I learned my lesson and always check the table limits before I sit down now.

Dumbest Move #2 – Another stupid move I did more than once was at an online poker site, and not using the muck option when losing a hand. This could be one of the biggest mistakes a new poker player can make. Why? Because, as with my case, if you show your hand at the end of each game and everyone gets to see if you were actually betting on anything good, or just bluffing, they now know how you play the game and will kill you on every hand – especially if the players are good poker players.

Letting your opponents know what type of player you are is the dumbest move you can make in poker! The game of poker is a skill game, and you must use strategy and by giving away how you play your cards, you’re just handing over your money.

Dumbest Move #3 – Playing every hand. The point of poker is to win and that means not playing every hand just because you can. This is a mistake a lot of new – and even some experienced – poker players make. Bide your time until you get a good hand. It’s really that simple.

Put simply – I know that poker is a fun, exciting game and you want to be involved in the action. But, believe me, by playing every hand – regardless of whether it’s a good one – it will be over a lot, lot sooner. Try not to get swept up by the atmosphere and play smart. You could even end up winning.

Dumbest Move #4 – Staying in the game, just because you can. You’d be surprised at just how many poker players stay in a hand because they have already put money in the pot. Needless to say, this is a bad idea. I did it when I first started playing under the belief that there’s always a chance to win. The thing is – there isn’t. Some hands you’ve got to pull out of.

An example: if you have, say, a pair of fours and nothing else is coming up, then it might be time to fold your hand and cut your losses. Especially if someone else keeps raising. If it looks like you are not going to win, get out as soon as possible. Save your bankroll for the next hand, because that is one you might be able to win.

Dumbest Move #5 – Learn to play the game before you play for real money. I once played in an Omaha Hi-Lo tournament having never played the game before. I did, of course, read the rules and thought that I’d be able to pick it up as went along. Mistake!

As you can imagine, my first experience of Omaha Hi/Lo was not a good one. I kept losing when I felt I would have won, and I won when I thought I should have lost. I had literally no idea what I was doing. Luckily, I had enough good fortune to get through to the intermission. At that point, I went and re-read the rules of the game!

And that’s when I saw how you really play Hi/Low. OMG, half the time I was folding when I had 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 which is a great Lo hand! I probably could have won so much money that day if I had only understood the game, never again will I act as I know it all and play a game for cash that I have never played before without doing the research!

So, those were my five dumbest mistakes. I’m sure you’ll agree that they were pretty dumb so hopefully, if you are new to playing poker, you won’t make the same errors. Make sure you know the game, the rules, and the table limits and you won’t go too far wrong.

Leigh is a gaming wiz and loves how challenging and competitive casino games are. In her free time, you will see her honing her card skills and learning about new strategies and tricks.

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