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How long does a tournament last?

The duration of a tournament depends on what kind of tournament you are playing. The approximate duration of a single table Sit-and-Go tournament is about on hour. Multi table tournaments may last several hours.

What does it cost to play a tournament and how much can I win?

Every tournament has a specific Buy In. The prize money depends on the Buy In and number of players.

How do I register for a tournament?

The first step is to click on your AnoPoker desktop icon. After logging in with your nickname and password, you will be in the Main Lobby where you can see the list of games we offer. Click on Tournaments and you will see the various tournament types (Regular/Freeroll/Play Money).

Example: Click on the Play Money tab and you will see a list of the tournaments offered. On the right side you can see the status of the tournaments (announced/registering/running/completed/cancelled). Double-click on your tournament of choice that has the status “registering”. Press the “Register” button at the bottom, on the left side of the tournament lobby. The pop-up window will inform you of the charge, if any. Your tournament registration has been successful. For a successful registration, the players can go to link. The procedure is simple and it requires fewer documents for the registration. The choice of the games for playing can be done as per the player’s preference. The enjoyment of plenty of games can be taken through the people after registration. 

I have played a tournament, but my prize money has not been transferred into my player account. What can I do?

Please contact our Support-Team under

What should I do if I’ve lost my connection and been thrown out of the tournament?

Please restart the program – under normal circumstances you will be seated back at your table immediately. Don’t forget to push the “I’m back” button.

I’d like more information on how to set up tournaments / buy-ins for my members.

 Please contact our tournament director who will reply to you as soon as possible per email to work out the details.

Can I get a refund for a tournament which was cancelled due to technical problems at AnoPoker?

Refunds are distributed according to our Cancellation Policy, which you can find here.

I always thought that freeroll tournaments were – by virtue of the name – free to enter. Why can I enter some, and not others?

All “Freeroll” tournaments at AnoPoker are completely free to enter. Simply register before the registration time for each tournament expires. Some Freeroll tournaments, however, require you to have earned a certain number of PokerPoints before you are allowed to register. This is intended to reward our regular players for their loyalty and support. These tournaments are called “PokerPoint Freerolls”.

I noticed a few freeroll tournaments that require passwords. Are these open to anyone, and if so, how do I get a password?

These special tournaments were organized by us on special request either from our partners who have a contract with our marketing department or players who have set up their own tournaments. These tournaments are for selected players only and AnoPoker, apart from providing the playing platform, is not involved. The logins for such tournaments are therefore secure and require passwords which are distributed by the independent tournament organizers.

How can I get onto your mailing list for Freerolls and promotions?

From now on, you will receive our newsletter with infos about AnoPoker promotions and other activities. If you have your own poker forum, please send us the online address of your poker forum so we can add you to our poker forum list.

How many PokerPoints do I have?

We would like to inform you that you can look up the required PokerPoint status by choosing the register option in the specific tournament lobby and by clicking the “Cashier” tab.

Can you tell me how PokerPoints are calculated?

To find out more about PokerPoints and how they are calculated, please use the following.

I tried to register for the (-) tournament, but I get the message “You have (for example) 33/200 required PokerPoints”. What does this mean?

This means that, at the moment, you have reached 33 out of the 200 PokerPoints required to register for this tournament.

Some Freeroll tournaments require you to have earned a certain number of PokerPoints before you are allowed to register. This is intended to reward our regular players for their loyalty and support. These tournaments are called “PokerPoint Freerolls” .

Do I get PokerPoints for playing in tournaments?

Not for regular play, only for the tournament fee, which can be considered a “house fee” as is “rake”. In Freerolls, no PokerPoints will be awarded. In buy-in tournaments, the number of PokerPoints awarded depends upon the fee. The main rule is: 1 PokerPoint for every $0.10 of the entry fee. For example, for a $10+$1 tournament (both Regular and Sit ‘n Go), you will receive 10 PokerPoints, for a $20+$2 you will receive 20 PokerPoints.

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