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Quick Strategies 

There is nothing wrong when playing poker online or taking advantage of a hit-and-run opportunity. There may be times you find yourself at a table that is short… more Poker • No Comments posted in Intermediate Poker Play

Playing Strangers 

Most of the time when you’re playing you won’t be playing regulars that you know but strangers.  The sheer size of the internet takes care of this. So how do play… more No Comments posted in Intermediate Poker Play

Advanced Fishing 

To be good at finding the fish you got to think like a fish. Remember back to when you first started playing. Back when you didn’t know about pot odds,… more No Comments posted in Advanced Poker Play

Fish Finding 

An expert poker player knows that fish finding in poker can be very lucrative. This is one of the positives of playing online is that it is so easy to… more No Comments posted in Advanced Poker Play

Poker Skills There are an array of skills and tips to take into consideration when playing poker. Some are extremely simple to pick up whilst others are a little more complicated and require more skill. No Comments posted in Basic Poker Play

The Love of the Big 

Slick More often found in lower limits Holdem but also be found in middle and higher limits are players who fall in love with the Big Slick and often regardless if they are suited or not. No Comments posted in Intermediate Poker Play

How to Obtain Poker Skills 

As you gain your poker experience you will learn that it isn’t always about winning but sometimes it’s about not losing. Remember you are not unbeatable. You will lose your share of poker games and you will probably lose more often than you win. Having poker experience and skills will teach you not to get trapped in your hands or chasing hands unwisely. No Comments posted in Intermediate Poker Play

Assets and Saving Them 

Although yes it’s important to make money, it is just as important to not give it away. There are several traps to look for online but here are just a few. No Comments posted in Intermediate Poker Play

Surviving Bad Beats 

They happen to all players at some point. There you are sitting there with a nearly unbeatable hand and the worse happens, your opponent gets lucky and you get beaten. It can be devastating and not only affect your current game but how you play certain hands in the future. No Comments posted in Intermediate Poker Play

Live or Online Poker Live or Online Poker, which is best? 

I must admit I am biased and prefer online poker and here is why I think online is better than live poker. No Comments posted in Intermediate Poker Play

Pre Flop Play Early Positions 

The four seats to the immediate left of the dealer are considered early positions. As they have to act first, the early position is a disadvantage, and because they act before anyone else has it is best to be very choosy about your hand selection. No Comments posted in Intermediate Poker Play

Poker Playing Attributes 

What are the attributes needed to make a good poker player? It doesn’t matter how tall or short, fat or thin, or anything else physical you are. Athleticism in poker seems not to matter one bit. The important attributes which do seem common are more to do with character and temperament plus a head for figures. No Comments posted in Advanced Poker Play

Live Poker Tells and Bluffing 

I wasn’t going to write about poker tells and bluffing when playing live poker as I mainly play poker online. But I decided to touch on the subject (I say touch as it is a huge subject) because as a woman I actually find this subject fascinating. Even if you don’t play live it can be so useful to learn and understand body language. It can be a very No Comments posted in Advanced Poker Play

Online Poker Tells 

By playing Pkv poker online you don’t obviously get the face-to-face interaction. Some say that this is taking some of the skill out of the game. Though this is partially true, there are some tells you can get online, you just need to know where to look. The more you look, the more you see. The main three are.

Leigh is a gaming wiz and loves how challenging and competitive casino games are. In her free time, you will see her honing her card skills and learning about new strategies and tricks.

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