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Learn More About The History Of Slot Machines – Get to know about them 

Slot machines, slots, pokies and even one-armed bandits – every country has its own title for this marvelous game. Basically, all of them are considered to be slots for funbut you are interested in raising money, aren’t you?

Slot machines are a special type of casino gambling devices, having a number of reels which spin once a player pushes the button or the leveler on one of its sides. You insert a coin – the machine starts gambling! Despite the simplicity of the process, slots are one of the most popular gambling sites at any casino. Modern computer technologies enabled to create thousands of game variants, attracting clients to play them over and over again.

Understanding the history of the slots machines on the Situs Slot Deposit Pulsa is necessary for the playing of the games. There is engagement of more players at the slots if you know the history of the slots on the online casino. The slot players should gather entire information about it. 

One-armed bandits gets up to 70% of the whole money a casino earns per month!

The honor of inventing a lots machine belongs to Charles Fey who resided in San Francisco, California, USA. It is possible to say that all slots casino owes to him for such a tremendous invention which has been entertaining the humanity for more than a century!

Fey’s design was pretty simple but extremely effective. His device had three spinning reels and five symbols, which had to be arranged in a certain manner in order to hit the winning combination. The machine was named a Horse Bell and was supremely popular among people. Since 1887 and up to present days people still love this simple buy astonishingly entertaining game!

From back them, the future of the slot machine was the following:

1891 – Sittman and Pitt from Brooklyn, New York, USA have presented a poker-based slot machine which was pretty much similar to those used nowadays

The world-known BAR symbol on slot machines was firstly introduced due to Bell-Fruit Gum Company and so called “trade stimulators” which were based on slot machine mechanisms

1963 – Belly invents the first fully automatic slot machine called Money Honey.

1976 – The first video slot machine appeared under the order of a Las Vegas based company Fortune Coin Co.

1996 – The era of modern slot machines enters in its rightful.

Nowadays, you can play slot machines practically everywhere: in casinos, bars, coffee houses, online web-services and even at home! Excitement and pleasure slots bring are genuinely invaluable. There are even books published for people inquiring about how to win at slots and what is the most winning slot machine strategy among them all.

By and large, it is possible to say that the world of slots is a very versatile one. It is not only about gambling and chasing luck, it is also about strategy, well-though and deliberate approach, as well as cold calculus and serious premeditation.

Insert a coin, If you want to play for fun, choose penny slots and similar to them. If you are a serious player, or want to become one, choose premium slots with up to 10,000$ credit. Fortune favors the brave, so best of luck and play slots!

Leigh is a gaming wiz and loves how challenging and competitive casino games are. In her free time, you will see her honing her card skills and learning about new strategies and tricks.

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