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One of the best gambling sites today, login SBOBET has many perks to offer. You can choose the mode of payment as per your needs and also choose the type of sport you would love to bet on. However, it is important to read through the terms before making your online gambling account. 

Play Blackjack learn Blackjack Rules and Strategy

The idea started in France in the seventeenth century, had the honor to be played by Napoleon Bonaparte with the name of vingt-et-un (21). Once arrived in the United States twenty-one received the name of BlackJack or Jack Black with the introduction of a variant: if the player did 21 with an Ace and a Jack of spades, was paid a bonus of ten times the bet . Although currently the bonus was abolished, however the name has remained Blackjack.

Normally, the Black Jack is used with 6 decks of french cards, for a total of 312 cards, the Ace in the game can worth 1 or 11, face cards count as 10, while other cards their numerical value, seeds have no influence or value. The sum of points at the end of the scoring takes place by a simple arithmetic calculation.

Once players have made their bet, the banker from left to right give each player one card played in each location, giving to himself the last one. Then he make a second round of cards, but without taking one for himself. Once the distribution took place, the dealer read in order the score of each player and invite them to make their game: They can hit or stay at their discretion. If a player is over 21 the dealer will collect the losing bet. Once the players have set their scores the dealer develops his game following the “rule of the bank” and he must roll a card with a lower score or equal to 16. Once he pass the 16 he must stop. If he exceeds 21, the dealer “busts” and must pay all the points left on the table. Once that all the scores are defined, the dealer compares his own with the other players, pays to its superior combination, retires and leaves those in the lower parity. Then he pay the winning bets and the odds.


The player who makes 21 with the first two cards assigned by the dealer, that receives an Ace (11) and a ten or face card, make the black jack and he is entitled to a payment of 3 to 2 (one and a half time the bet) if the dealer also makes the blackjack hand is considered equal to the player.

The double down or double the bet

The players have particular option to play: if the first two cards has made 9 to 15 points, the player can double the bet when he call but pledging to ask for a single card, and after receiving this card, the player is obliged to stop.

The split or division

If the first distribution, the player receives two cards of the same value and he can make the split:

  • Separate the two cards and add an equal bet on the second;
  • Continue the game as if the player has the first two cards;
  • Add a card on each separate card.

In the case of two Aces the split game is permitted but with the right to make just one call.

Split strategy

The “split” in the British game does not place limits on the number of splitting of the same card, although the player is allowed to “split” four, five and figures, that the regulatory institution of the game in Britain has assessed statistically disadvantageous as a betting against the player. A good blackjack player will be able to match to “split” four and five, but would never dare to split the two figures.


When the banker serves as an Ace card, there is the possibility that he will obtain a face Black Jack with the second card, so players may take an insurance. The value of the Insurance bet is equal to half the basic bet (the one on the box, for example, if the player is worth 100 Insurance is 50). If the dealer make blackjack the player will lose the entire bet, but will be compensated with twice the amount of the insurance (2:1): in practice it is as if his hand would end with a “pair”. If the dealer does not make a Blackjack he will loose the insurance regardless of the result of the hand.

The different versions

In Europe, the cards are dealt face up: two for each player, one for the dealer. In the U.S. also, the dealer, in addition to his card he immediately take another one, which remains covered.

In many casinos you can “split” (split) the equal cards up to three times, except the Aces that can be separated only once. After the split you can often (but not everywhere) double your bet. In general you cannot double soft hands (Ace and a card that is not shown). However, there are casinos that allow you to double down on any initial combination.

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