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New Video Slot Game Play Astral Luck At Play2Win Casino

You can try out this new video slot game as a fun player or as a real money player. But, I wonder why you would do this since Astral Luck is making multiple winners since its inception. You never know, you could be in the league of the many winners garnering thousands of dollars from the game. In Play2Win Casino, it wouldn’t cause any harm to say that the game has been a success. Here is a list of winners who have realized their luck from playing Astral Luck in the month of December 2012.

The pkv games are available at the online video slot machines. There is the availability of fun and entertainment to the gamblers. You can try luck factor at the site to get more rewards and bonuses for the gamblers. The use of the right skills will offer the correct results.

Play Astral Luck here!

On 28th December, 2012, Serge V won €3,446 when playing Astral Luck and on 19th December, 2012, Mzre L won €3,600 still on Astral Luck, isn’t this awesome? So far, there is a record holder Richard S who won a whooping €12, 720 when playing the game, he banked this much on September 28 2012.

Astral Luck is a creation of Rival Gaming Software developers. For those of you who have been playing slot games developed by Rival Gaming, you will find Astral Luck as one of the most beautiful slots when it comes to graphics. The game depicts a fabulous with stars, planets, and the limitless universe.

Come try out your luck on the stars, the game comes with the 12 zodiac signs. Your luck is written on them all on the reels of the game, we have, Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, Scorpio, Libra, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Pisces and Sagittarius.

Astral Luck is a five reel, 50 pay-line slot games, and this explains to you why the game is turning out to be lucrative Play2Win Casino. In addition, it has special features which make your winnings better. This even got better with their progressive jackpot.

One fantastic thing is that the casino has a great benefit where it has a coin range of 1 and 25 cents and you will be in a position to make the best out of them as you can bet with as much as ten of these in a single pay line. If you are lucky enough, or have a deep pocket, you can get the chance of your lifetime when you score the base game jackpot which has 7500 coins. Get more with free spins and multiple bonus rounds.

The game comes with special features meant to make you a better player by winning more. Rival Gaming has come up with features with a twitch from the traditional features we are used to. These features include the expanding wilds, as well as, the scatters which will make you a happy punter.

There is the Gemini symbol activate the bonus with 3 or more of the symbols. When on the bonus round, you will need to spin two-ring zodiac wheel where every sign you land on has a prize for it.

Trigger the free spin feature which is made possible by three or more of the Capricorn symbols. When you have three symbols, you get five spins, four symbols earn you 10 free sins and five symbols of the Capricorn will award you 20 free spins.

These and more await you at Astral Luck Slot game. Get the best of Rival Gaming, who knows, you could be the first winner of 2013.

As the name suggests Play2Win Casino launched in the industry to make every player a winner, as long as they play. With multiple games for their players to take part in, you ought not to get bored when logged into Play2Win Casino. There are table games, progressive games, video poker and slot games in a myriad of many more.

To make your gaming experience worth the while, they have state of art technology in security manning their portal to make sure that your personal and banking information is safe. They have multiple methods of banking and their customer support is all you need to have your problems attended to promptly.

As a new real money player, get yourself as much as $2222 which is earned as a 300% match up on your deposit.

Beat Online Casinos Everytime

Have you got your online casino strategy?

So you are looking to beat online casino’s?

Beat online casino’s sound appealing? There are many online strategies you can find describing how to beat online casino’s online, BUT we wanted to find out how many of these strategies actually worked and if so how can we employ these cheats so we could share the tips and tricks that we learnt along the way with you. You might be aware of bandarq games too. It is nothing but another form of QQ games online. bandar games have now been included on ordinary gambling sites too for the players to earn the advantage of winning in this field.

Strategy one that we found online – New accounts win more.

Looking into this strategy we wanted to find out if this was true and we wanted to see for ourselves, there are many online casino players who swear by this strategy. So we put it to the test. TopCasinoPayouts set up 25 new accounts, depositing 50$ each, over 25 different online casinos. We chose to play a 5 reel online slot to keep the test fair. Of the 25 accounts that we set up 14 of these accounts had doubled the deposits, 6 had nearly tripled and the others we lost out on. We chose not to use the online casinos welcome bonuses to top up our deposits to make it an even playing field.

Now the outcome of this test would not be fair if we didn’t use an existing 25 online casino accounts also topped up with 50$ to see which accounts won more often. The existing accounts results were 10 accounts doubled their money, 3 tripled the deposit and 4 accounts quadrupled.


Our findings show that although new accounts won more frequently the returning accounts won more money overall. Does this prove that new accounts win more at online casinos? We will let you decide. Personally I think it’s pretty even and If I had the chance to 4x my deposit I’d rather that, than a 2x return.

Like this article? Check back here online for more online casino strategy tests, there are new articles posted daily!

Royal Vegas Online Casino

Royal Vegas Casino is the flagship online casino operated by the well respected Fortune Lounge Group.

Licensed and regulated by the LGA in Malta and utilizing Microgaming Software, Royal Vegas offers their players in excess of 350 high-quality games to choose from, which includes top-quality slots such as the acclaimed Thunderstruck 2.

With a brand new casino lobby and new site design, Royal Vegas currently features some of the best games available to play online, including the new groundbreaking Lord of the Rings Slot.

Royal Vegas has been in operation now for nearly a decade and has built up a solid reputation with players.

New players opening an account at Royal Vegas Online Casino, can receive up to £1,200 by way of match bonuses which are currently on offer. This is a great way to extend your initial bankroll and get a good feel for the games on offer at Royal Vegas. Bear in mind though, as, with all online casinos which offer deposit bonuses, wagering requirements have to be met before you can cash out.

We feel it is important that players are made fully aware of this, especially if you have not played online before. This way unexpected disappointments do not occur. Moreover, new players can learn all about the different strategies and practice them at for a much better online casino experience.

The customer service at Royal Vegas Casino is first class and is comparable with the best of the UK Facing Online Casinos. Indeed operating from Malta, which is recognized as a whitelisted jurisdiction by the United Kingdom Government, further enhances Royal Vegas Casino’s reputation for player safety and security.

Royal Vegas Casino also offers a very good loyalty scheme for regular players, whereby wagering requirements are not applicable. This is good for high and low rollers alike.

In summary, Royal Vegas Casino is one of the best casinos online available to choose to play at for UK players, at the time of writing this review. Have fun and good luck!

Important Strategy To Play A Poker Game

At present, most of the people are interested to play gambling games because it gives them amazing opportunity to earn money. Choosing secured and reliable gambling agent is necessary one and you might do some research to find out the best agent. When you are looking to play casino game, you must use some unique tricks and tips. Vast numbers of the gambling games are there but people are interested to play poker games because it has lots of variations. Poker is not complicated game and you must learn about poker rules. At the same time you must understand which of handful of hand could be picked up in the minutes.

How effectively play poker game?

Poker is one of the most famous games which are mostly accepted by all casino players across the world. It is the game of chance either you can win or lose your money. In a simple term, it is the game of strategy which is easily applied and learned. Knowing necessary skills and right strategy is really useful to maximize your winning chances. Full tilt poker is considered as the highest cash games in online. If you are choosing trusted site then you can play all variations of the poker games. You are advisable to follow some unique strategies to play poker games such as

  • Strike hard when you know you are planning to win
  • Bluffing is not science
  • Don’t play poker when you are sad
  • Read your opponents
  • Play based on your opponents
  • Learn from mistakes

Try to read game of your opponents and adapt your game. In case you are planning to play poker games in either cash games or tournaments then you must use effective strategies. Try to choose reliable site to play poker domino games. The main rule of the poker game is to know about basics, descriptions of hand ranks, betting and descriptions of hand ranks. When it comes to the descriptions of the hand ranks then it includes straight flush, five of the kind, full house, straight, two pair, three of kind and high card.

It is necessary to keep an eye on your opponent and that is by looking into their eyes so that you can read what is going on in their mind whether it is through a practice of situs Judi online or any other gaming venture, you have to go through this matter carefully so that they don’t know what you are up to so learning from mistakes is a good way to make amends and start out on a new leaf.

Efficient information about poker game

Different kinds of the betting options are available to play poker game. Five card draw is most common types of the poker hands. Each player could be dealt five cards and poker is international game which is enjoyed in each country where games could be played. It is one pack game and virtually it is played in clubs. Betting is game of the chip management. Minimizing losses with the poor hands and increasing winning with the good hand is underlying skills. You are suggested to choose reliable and trusted poker agent.

Slot Games Are Awesome Pastime Anytime Anywhere

The emergence of mobile games has upset the traditional gaming status quo. Many non-gamers are getting hooked on playing these apps on their mobile devices with categories ranging from adventure, role-playing games, point and click, shoot ’em-ups, and games of chance. One example of these games of chance is free slots that is available on and several other online casinos. A simple download is all that is needed to be able to play it. Some are even for free on web browsers found in social networks.

One reason why they are popular is that they have simple mechanics and are easy to play. Once the game has loaded, the menu screen usually follows (or if the game developer has invested some time to place a video intro that would make the game superb). The basic set-up of a menu screen is Start, Continue, Options, and Help. The menu setup is understandable enough for those who are not familiar with games. They can adjust settings in the Options Tab the sounds, background music, and in some games, they can change the difficulty setting too.

If still, you are having trouble moving about in your newly downloaded game, you can always refer to the Help Tab. Check for game reviews on the web and find out more about your favorite games. Games of chance are fun to play especially if you are experiencing a winning streak or achievement bonus (sometimes it is also found in a Gallery Tab or even Options table where you unlock something fascinating).

Learn how to play slots and find out why more and more people get the hang out of it. Gaming is a hobby that many have invested their time on. They come from different age range, male and female, and from different walks of life. It does not necessarily mean that you are gambling when you play slots online.

After all, it is just a game that you play whenever you are bored while in a dentist’s waiting room. Also if you are playing for money it would be more comfortable to play online because you don’t have to physically get pressured when you play jackpot slots. There is sometimes a heavy aura when you are present in a casino. It is like a fog where you can’t see your way whether you reach the castle of jackpot or fall down the cliffs of despair. But with online play, there is always a sense of accomplishment and room for improvement.

Every machine in land-based casinos offers an assortment of game styles that suit your gameplay preference and skills. They also vary on wager price and payouts. Since slot games are easy to play in gambling institutions, some patrons feel the itch to look for a place to go and spend some time in a casino. But if it’s virtually impossible, online slot machines are always available. All you need to have is a stable internet connection and a valid credit card to be able to enjoy the fun!

At home or at a public place, you can enjoy the rewards of slot games with the use of WI-FI. Imagine winning real money while just hanging out in a coffee shop. The idea of dressing up to impress is no question because you can even play in your living room with a mobile phone. There is also an option to go against other players and a chat room is available to meet new friends who also enjoy the game. The complexity of these online games defines a whole new experience for the usual gamblers.

Game developers are always on the lookout to make the best games. They are doing customer panel discussions and reviews so that they can make the next game better for everyone who likes their games. This pastime will surely evolve into something more intricate and challenging, as the technology is continuously changing the mindset of both gamers, non-gamers, and gamblers alike.

Roulette Sniper Review Dominate Roulette Today

You might be wondering what is thing called the “Roulette Sniper”. Upon the mention of this name, the first thing that comes into my mind is a precise shotgun aiming at his precious target. Crudely understood what this game is, I scoured the internet just to make myself knowledgeable about this “sniper” thing. The game roulette is a casino game with which players make their bets on the table. The roulette sniper is software for gambling with the intention of making the player as winner. With this software, you are bound to win money every now and then. For starters, it is system of placing bets on the roulette with the intent to make you win, featured with user-friendly interface and multi-lingual support. The features of the superbahis giriş site are unique and different for online gamblers. The checking of the ratings and reviews will provide the best results to the online bettors and players. The playing of the games will offer various rewards to the people.

Some people have testified the effectiveness of the Roulette Sniper. Others have made a claim that they are actually winning money bets after bets. I was just thinking that if all the roulette players can have an access to use the Roulette Sniper and are actually involving money, then it must be that every one of them are winners. If that is the fact, then, the roulette operator must have been gone nuts with paying the gamblers every now and then. However, I’ve read some notes that others are unlucky that they did not win at all. In my own opinion, that is the way it should be, because money from the losers are the money that will be used as cash price for the winners.

Whatever the present situation is, the Roulette Sniper is hailed as one of the world’s best betting software. Roulette players are so enticed with this claim that every one would want to try out the system. After, all they don’t have to worry about if their satisfaction is not met, because it offers a money-back guarantee to purchasers. The Roulette Sniper can actually bring you loads of cash without the hassle of playing over a long period of time. It can bring you money a hundred times faster than the traditional method of strategically placing bets.

The Roulette Sniper works with spinning the wheel for ten times without you placing a single bet from the spins. The results are recorded and with this ten spins, the software will now make predictions on what number will win on the 11th spin. The odds turn in your favor because you are playing outside of the table.

Here are some tips for using the Roulette Sniper: use the conventional settings and then increase five points on the highs and lows and make sure you’ve got a well-planned money management – place bet only on the amount that you can afford to lose. The latter is universally applicable and should be used in investing with stocks and foreign exchange currency. The roulette is a game of chance – do not forget that in mind. You are bound to lose here just like any other gambling games. If you want to constantly earn money over a long span of time, you need to look for a very effective roulette system that can actually teach you how to have that loads of money everyday.

Microgaming Casinos No Deposit Bonus Slots

Microgaming casinos have been operating from the start of the Internet but they still are going vigorous. As a result, it can only be natural that Microgaming boasts certainly one of the probably most substantial assortments of online slots on the iGaming business. The truth is that Microgaming slots sport fine styles, prosperous bonus games, dozens of free Spins and numerous jackpot winning possibilities.

A lot of Microgaming Games

Aside from a vast array of video slots and progressive slots, Microgaming casinos also offer a multitude of table games, video poker games and specialty games like scratch cards and arcade games to suit everyones taste and budget. One of the best sites that you can play on is Not only it offers wide variety of games, it is also trusted and reputable.

Going to a Microgaming casino invariably signifies having a wide selection of games, so irrespective of which on online casino you choose to go for, that you can be sure you will have of high-quality online casino games to choose from. The great news is that you can to have access to all of them on this web page – just pick out your favourites and enjoy!

Microgaming Mobile Casinos

What is a lot more, it really should be noticed that Microgaming was the very first online casino platform that introduced a mobile casino on the web. That is certainly why it is not a big surprise that almost all of Microgaming casinos are not only totally instant play, but also obtainable in smartphones and tablets irrespective of what operating system they use.

So, get your Android device, iPhone or iPad, find a Microgaming casino and fire up to one of their various mobile slots. What you are confident to notice is the fact that they do not lack anything in comparison with their desktop versions – the graphics are just as fine-looking, the sound is just as crisp and each of the things that make online gaming doable are there and attuned for mobile gaming.

Certified Fair Casinos

Due to the fact that Microgaming was certainly one of the most considerable things for the creation of eCOGRA, an independent firm in charge of testing fair gaming and player protection, it is hardly surprising that almost all of Microgaming casinos stands the eCOGRA Seal of Approval.

Alternatively, they may have an additional certificate that testifies for the casinos fairness considering that Microgaming is among of the most trusted software program providers on the online gambling world.

Do you want to be sure that you are spinning the reels at a secure and certifiably fair Microgaming casino? Just check out our detailed Casino Testimonials and you will know which of the online and mobile casinos match the description in a few minutes.

Greatest Microgaming Casinos

No matter if you are seeking for any mobile casino powered by Microgaming or for a fair Certified Casino featuring many different Microgaming slots, our Microgaming casinos list is the ideal for you. Just check our first-class assortment and have entertaining winning a lot at some of the greatest online casinos all over the globe!

Understanding Playing Video Poker Successfully

Video poker is a computer game played like the five card draw poker in regular casinos. It is aided by the use of a computerized display which in modern machines can be very colorful. It was started many years ago and it is popular in Las Vegas.

If you want to become successful, then the selection of the right poker game is essential. The situs poker online terpercaya will offer the best rewards to the players. The drawing of the card number will deliver benefits to the gamblers. There is an increase in the bank balance with real cash. 

This game is either played using coins or buying tickets for playing this game. You need to know exactly which stake or level that you will play before you start playing a game of video poker. The game is then started by inserting the coins or the ticket in the machine used for playing. You will then play by betting on one of the card then clicking on the delete button. You will then be issued with the cards which could be changed by the player by dropping them and acquiring new ones.

One is paid by the machine after the draw when his or her hands have the winning combination presented. Pay tables give payouts depending on the game variation, decision of the operator of this game and how rare the game is. A normal pay table starts with a pair of jacks of course.

There are agencies that regulate the video poker games which would depend on which country you are playing video poker in. They agencies require that the playing machines should use the virtual deck cards in random form. The machine are taken through checks before they can be given out for playing.

There are several video poker games types that are commonly played: Deuces wild has two wild cards and there is a pay schedule modification like the bonus, double and triple. It allows the player to begin playing with one hand and any other added played hand from different cards set with the base hand. Those games that do not have the wild cards receive four hands in every five hundred hands.

A full pay is the highest paying common variant game that is available in regular casinos. Those that returned a lower pay back percentage are known as short pay. There are other higher paying games than the full pay nowadays than the full pay game. The percentages that one has show exactly what one is supposed to earn. For instance, if you have a ninety percent, it means that in every a hundred dollars that is wagered, ten dollars will be redacted from it. This is for only in an optimal hand play.

There are two ways of playing the game of video poker. One is the online format and the other is the offline mode in a regular casino. The games in the online format may not necessarily be able to be played by the offline mode. Every offline game however has to have an online game that is played using the same rules and directions. Others vary in payout system and the winning hand. Online games are short with a lot of interruptions since they are mostly done at home. Offline games take longer time with minimal interruptions and this allows people to stretch their heads.

Video poker may be a very common game in the casinos, almost as common as slot machines. It is the best way for one to spend his or her free time. There are many variety of these past time activity that can help you earn as you play.

Get Comfortable With Playing And Winning At Online Slots

I dont know about you, but one of my favorite casino games are Online Slots Uk machines. They are a popular form of gambling and in contrast to traditional table games like blackjack, slots dont require much gambling knowledge, and there is no minimum bets. So when online casinos started to become popular, no wonder the slot machines are also online players favorite.With the rapidly growing online casino industry, online gaming machines created a fan base where people play from home , office, and although their cell phones. Although there is a slight change compared to the slot rules gadgetry of online slots, the exponential growth of jackpots, the different themes graphics slot, and ability to play slots games wherever and whenever preferably, this has changed how people play slot machines.Online slots are almost the same with slot machines in land based casinos, but to play it online has some advantages.

It is convenient and you can play it on your home computer without having to spend extra money for gas, drinks and other feeds you can use if you play at casinos. You can always search for a hot machine on the Internet where you can get results at a simple click of your mouse and win big jackpots.Players at online slot machines are also able to play it free. That means you can play without the use of deposits and no real money. Palace fans dont risk their money, but they experience the thrill of the game. It’s like playing on all land-based casinos. They are mostly a game of chance, but the players behavior in terms of his bet can greatly affect his victory and loss ratio.Most slot machines look pretty similar. At the very top will be the name of the machine, and less will be a payout table.

At the different slot machines of judi online site, there is the availability of different symbols and themes. You should learn about the themes and place the stakes at the slot machines. Either there is winning or loss at the platform, you should adopt the right measures to avoid the loss. 

The payout table table shows you what a combination of inductors net quantities of money under slot rules.Online slots obviously have not intervened to pull, so they have the spin button instead. It turns the wheels automatically when pressed.Playing online slot machines can be addictive, so here are some tips to win: Never try to time the machines spins, because the computerized slot machines determine their outcome millisecond player tells machine to spin. No man can beat an online slot, because theres no rhythm, no pattern to follow.Select a face value according to your comfort zone. If you want to play for five hours with your one hundred dollars, dont play on a slot machine that cost five dollars per credit.

Choose a machine that allows you to play Max Credits that you can afford, so you can stretch your money! Do not take another spin when you win a jackpot, because the cards can pay you or void your winnings. There is really no real strategy to win. It is common sense to learn how to manage your bankroll and know when to walk away from the machine, but there is no real online slots strategies. The truth is that you just have to get lucky.With so many online casinos that offer slot machines, you will have a lot of choices to select the slot you want to play. These online slot machines have different payouts, and they have great bonuses too. They also have various lines of holes.

Best Video Poker Casino

Online gaming is as popular as ever. In the past, if you wanted to play your favorite poker game you would have to travel to a local casino, go on vacation, or try to get friends together to play a pickup game. Online gaming has made accessing the games that you love easier than ever before because you never even have to leave your home. If you enjoy video poker, you will find that there are many video poker online casinos for you to choose from, you just need to choose the best video poker online casino for your needs.

What Makes a Video Poker Casino the Best?

Which is the best video poker online casino? This is a difficult question to answer because everyone has different needs and wants as they pertain to video poker. You can start out by asking your friends which is the best video poker online casino in their estimation. The issue here is that if you ask five people which is the best video poker online casino you may very well come away with five different casinos. Every video poker individual is different so they will have different things that they look for. Despite the different recommendations, you may find that the ideas that friends can give like bandarq online paling seru, will give you a good place to start.

The best video poker online casino is one that is easy to use. If you are new to online casinos and online gambling, you don’t want to have to jump through too many hoops to access or set up an account to play. If you are shopping around for the right online casino for you, you should definitely make sure that the account set up process is easy and that playing will be as simple as signing in each time. Simple is always better.

Most people will also tell you that the best video poker online casino is one that makes depositing and withdrawing funds as easy as possible. Having many different options for depositing and withdrawing is always a good idea, but if an online casino doesn’t have a lot of options, it should at least have payment and withdrawal methods that fit your needs. Bank accounts or credit cards are always the easiest, so be sure to look for the options that apply best to your specific needs.

The best video poker online casino is also one that will fulfill your desire to play video poker. Having many different options in terms of games, pots, denominations, and more will serve you better. Even if you like a specific type of game now does not mean that that will always be the video poker game that you prefer. When you have options you will be able to enjoy the site for a longer period of time, making it the best video poker online casino for you. Most players will tell you that having more options is better than not having enough options, so make sure that the casino that you choose will allow you to grow with your experience and your abilities as time goes on a casino.


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