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Advantages Of Internet Gambling

Since its inception in the nineties, online casinos have developed immensely, using the advances in technologies, Internet gambling has to turn out to be a great deal much more effective and user-friendly, making it one from the greater ranked pastimes of several individuals. Listed below are just a couple of from the advantages of online […]

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Best Christmas Gifts for Poker Lovers

Best Christmas Gifts for Poker Lovers – Are you trying to find that perfect gift for someone on your list but can’t put your finger on it? Are they interested in poker, or perhaps is it even one of their hobbies? Here are some cheap but great gift ideas for those hard to shop for poker lovers.

A simple but creative gift is to put together a poker gift basket. You could include items such as one or two decks of playing cards, a small set of poker chips, an automatic card shuffler, or anything else you see fit to include. These baskets show much thought and personality and are great as a complete set. The mentioned items can be found at many places such as Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreen’s, or Rite-Aid.

If the person you are shopping for frequents casinos or even home games, consider picking up an item that they can take with them to use as a card protector. Many people use items such as sentimental coins, small figures, small stones, and other various items that they place on top of their cards. These items usually have some kind of value to the player that shows their personality.

Next time you start surfing the net, stop by, eBay,, or other such sites and click through the poker DVD’s. You can find instructional videos, strategy videos, or even just movies based on the game of poker. DVD’s usually cost about fifteen or twenty dollars and can be used over and over, so these gifts are not only inspirational, but they won’t break your budget.

Christmas is the perfect time to start looking up Amazon and eBay for poker aficionados about some important points that they can gain through the videos because it is quite a vast structure like blackjack but more interesting as you can learn through situs poker online to understand the nature of the game.

Also try poker books on various topics including various games, different strategies and skills, or even consider different authors if you already have a topic in mind. Tons of poker books can be found on the aforementioned websites, but can also be found at places such as Barnes and Noble or Borders. These are great for those players who want to learn more or perhaps are interested in learning the strategy and details of a specific game.

If the person you are shopping for can’t sit through an entire book, but can flip through magazines, you could even send a gift of a 12-month long subscription to a poker magazine, such as “Bluff” magazine for twenty dollars. This is a perfect gift that is cheap and just keeps on giving! These magazines give great tips, and keep the general population updated on popular and well-known players, tournaments, and a lot of other poker related events.

Why is Nintendo Offering a Black Wii in the US?

Gamers are quirky people. We like to add our own sense of unique style to gaming systems by doing things like purchasing limited edition, game-specific controllers, slathering skins on our consoles and laptops, and giving ourselves player names like “pwninguallday”. Many an accessory maker has hit upon some bizarre controller sheath or flashy-looking recharging station and made a bunch of money by playing online poker with Judi Poker

So now it seems Nintendo is trying to appeal to all the gaming fashionistas out there by offering a black Wii console bundle(source). The big question is, who is going to buy this thing? I’m guessing not many will find a new color all that compelling.

Let’s look at the reasons Nintendo might be trotting out this black console in the U.S. when other countries have had it for a while. First of all, I think it is a way for Nintendo to get more people to get on board with the Wii Motion Plus accessory. The black Wii bundle is supposed to come with the console, a black controller equipped with Wii Motion Plus, Wii Sports, and Wii Sports Resort. It makes sense to add Wii Sports Resort to the bundle since if it came only with Wii Sports there would be no game you could use the Motion Plus technology with out of the box.

So adding Wii Sports Resort and the Motion Plus accessory adds value to the $199 retail price, but is it going to attract consumers? I’m betting the answer will be no. If you already have a Wii and want to play games that have the Motion Plus feature, odds are you will just buy the accessory and not an entire console, no matter what color it might be.

Let’s also consider the choice of colors. Black is a popular console color and is the default color for most laptops. Perhaps Nintendo thinks that black will add an air of sophistication to a console that is perceived as a child’s system. I personally think just about any other color would have been a better choice except for maybe tan.

The white Wii was unique, like the console itself. Love it or hate it, it looked different than anything Nintendo had ever made. If Nintendo really wanted to come up with an intriguing color change, I would have picked something like gold or silver. Instead, they chose a color that is already the common choice for many systems.

The only people I see purchasing this system are those who have never previously bought a Wii before. Maybe the prospect of a new Mario game, Metroid game, and Zelda game will seduce those few gamers out there who have considered a Wii but never taken the plunge.

If you don’t have a Wii and want to be in an exclusive club(at least in the US), go ahead and get that black Wii. If you already have a Wii and don’t enjoy throwing your money around, you’ll probably want to forgo this edition of the popular game console.

Father-Son Bonding: An Intro to Pac-Man

I grew up in the 80s, which means that my childhood included a few trips to the arcade. We didn’t have an Atari 2600 in my house, which was probably a good decision by my parents. However, on occasion I did make it to the arcade with a few quarters in my pocket. I had a few favorites, but I wouldn’t say that I was an expert. You knew who the hardcore gamers were back then. Those were the guys who were camped out at a video game with a long string of quarters lined up at the base of the screen. Your quarter was not going up anytime soon.

Father-son education

There have been many things over the years that I have tried to teach my son. Some lessons are obviously more important than others. We have done a few projects around the house, and we have engaged in plenty of leisure activities. Our family does play a few modern video games, but I decided that it was time to kick it old school and teach him about the classics. It was time to teach him about Pac-Man. I can’t really explain to him the cultural conditions that made this game so popular, particularly since my explanation would sound like one of those “when I was a kid, we walked uphill both ways to school in the snow and we were grateful” stories. You also consider teaching  your son to play some of the best online games at With this, he will have an idea on how amazing online games work. As a result, he will gain a lot of benefits. According to studies, playing video games actually have some mental benefits to kids as opposed to what of the claims of other people about it.

A sampling of quotes

I obtained a copy of Namco Museum for the Playstation 2, which is a gaming system that has now been banished to the garage due to being out of date. We fired up Pac-Man and I handed my son the controller, as memories from my childhood came flooding back. I was never particularly good at this game, so I was curious to see how he would do. His quotes were interesting. He said:

“This is hard!”

No kidding, son. You see, back in the old days, video games used to be quarter-gobbling challenges, and there weren’t any cheat codes or countless restarts to help you get to the next level. You had to rely on your quick reflexes and an endless supply of quarters.

“You mean I have to eat ALL the dots?”

I’m afraid so, son. Not only do you have to eat all the dots, but also Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde are going to be hot on your trail. You had better get moving. This game is unforgiving if you hesitate.


Was the boy impressed? Would the simple graphics and rudimentary styling of this ancient dinosaur of a video game intrigue this modern child that was used to high-definition video entertainment? Surprisingly, the boy enjoyed his journey into the past, at least for a little while. I doubt he would ever commit a lot of quarters to further play, but we did have a moment of bonding.

Poker Game Observations

Poker is the latest game craze sweeping across the nation. Poker is an addictive sport that has been quickly gaining interest from all walks of life. Players enjoy the instant gratification of being able to win a large sum of money in a short amount of time. Ordinary people have become overnight millionaires by playing in these marathon tournaments hosted by websites such as Judi online terpercaya that can last several days. Poker is merely a card game. A game of strategy and luck, it can last several hours and cause a twinge of emotional pain or intense jubilation among its players. Participating in a poker tournament may be considered an enjoyable pastime but it can also provide a venue for observing interesting behavior patterns in people.

Most often, the persons involved in a poker game are males ranging in age from early 20s to late 50s. There are women who play the game but they are usually outnumbered by about 10-1. Celebrity poker tournaments on TV are usually the most widely know or commonly seen but average people play in many games on a regular basis in almost every city in America. Observing the behavior of these players is where I gleaned my information and experience. Being a player in these regular tournaments allows me the opportunity to observe the behavior of the players on a regular basis and gives me a solid basis for my findings. Texas hold-em is the most commonly played variation of poker and the rules are quite simple: The dealer will deal two cards face down to about nine players around an oval table.

After betting between each deal and the community cards known as the “flop”, “turn”, and “river”, the remaining players will make a final bet and the dealer will declare a winning hand. That player is given all the chips bet during that hand. Play continues as each player is eliminated and one player is left holding all the chips.

The obvious intentions of the players involved are the desire to knock out all other opponents and win the tournament. The consequences of the event, of course, are losing the tournament and missing out on winning the prize and prestige accompanying that title. A competitive nature exists in each of the players. A “me against the world” mentality prevails because there is only one winner. The relationship of the players involved almost always begins as complete strangers. However, during the course of the tournament, some players will often form alliances with or vendettas against certain other players. Once a player has been knocked out he or she will often stay near the table to witness the rest of the tournament and to cheer on a fellow player. Over time, bonds are formed between players who meet regularly or play against each other often. The bonds formed are mostly that of an adversary or a comrade, depending on the style of the players involved or their first impression of each other.

There are times; however, where friendships are ignited and a strong bond will be forged into a tight alliance and lasting friendship. Being outnumbered by the men can sometimes offer me an advantage in my playing style. I can be seen as the “Queen of the table”, winning most of the hands or the “dumb broad” who knows nothing about the game. Either way, I can use feminine influence to my advantage. Winning is not always my objective but the by-product. I play because I enjoy the game and learning from others. Some players can become overbearing and demanding which often results in being loathed or ridiculed by other players. The common goal is to be the only one left with all the chips but because there is only one winner, some players will often form alliances with certain players in order to help each other or to gang up on another.

The overall atmosphere of these games is one of enjoyment. Rarely is there a confrontation between players that will result in an explosive shouting match. Even when the player least liked by all the other participants is the chip leader, the overall mood of the room remains contained. There becomes an advantage to playing with the same players on a regular basis. The habits of a player become more apparent to the others and it becomes more difficult for him or her to bluff a hand. The players begin to recognize body language and facial expressions that will sometimes give their hand away and spoil their strategy. The disadvantage of playing with unfamiliar opponents is that it is not as easy to read facial expressions and body language or to determine whether or not a bluff call will hold up. Sometimes players will practice aggressive play by bullying other players with their chip stack.

Seasoned players are almost always revered and feared. They can use their implied authority to their advantage but they also risk having the rest of the players’ gang upon him. A novice player sometimes has an advantage by getting lucky and having all the cards just go his way. This will happen at times since the game is still considered to be based on the luck of the draw. A new player will not continue to just get lucky, sooner or later, he or she will need to learn the basic strategy of the game in order to gain confidence and experience by playing more often.

The Dealer is an important piece of the strategic puzzle. All players rely on the dealer to accurately count the chips, decide the winning hand, and enforce any rule infractions. The dealer has a responsibility to maintain integrity and accountability by being totally aware of everything happening at the table at all times and maintaining a sense of control throughout the tournament. Dealers are people who have played the game for a long time or have gone to school to be trained to become dealers. The dealer must remain unbiased and show no favor to any particular player. He must remain neutral at all times during play and cannot allow for players to make side bets. The dealer can become distracted by the actions of the players and will sometimes make mistakes. This is rare and most often the Tournament Director will intervene before a problem arises.

Most dealers enjoy working in an environment in which they feel like they are not working because they love the game. Dealers can also become fond of certain players or vice versa. Sometimes a player will prefer to sit at a certain dealer’s table simply because he or she believes that the dealer will bring him or her luck.

After the experience of being involved in playing poker, I can make the following observations: One key concept I have applied in this study is behaviorism. My study focused on observing the behavior of others. I have seen the players’ behaviors change according to the consequences they faced. The method I employed for my research was a naturalistic observation since my information was gathered by observing a real live event. The use of social psychology can aid the understanding of what is taking place relationally and habitually during a poker tournament. By studying a large group of people with diverse backgrounds and personalities, I observed a number of different moods, habits, relationships, and attitudes. I have also seen how moods affect our ability to make sound judgments. I have observed how a player’s temperature seemed to rise and he began to sweat when facing elimination. I sensed the relief of anxiety when a player won a big hand on the river. I witnessed the competition between players and saw how alliances and boundaries were formed.

There are a number of ethical problems that can arise by applying these patterns of behavior. When observing a diverse group of people interacting in a social setting it is often easy to assume gender or race specific attributes to certain behaviors. However, I believe that by observing a situation such as described here, the natural tendency to rely on my own preconceived stereotypical judgment would not be relevant. In my study, being free of bias and preconceived prejudice has ensured the most accurate results. Portraying a bias slant in any study or in any experiment of human behavior is detrimental to the integrity of the study.

What Do the Casinos Know About You?

They say that casinos are Number One in customer service, but is it more than that? Casinos have proven over and over again that if they know more about their customers, they can target and profile those that will make the most money for them. You might never get to know about 먹튀검증 but that is something quite common in a casino. When they’re comping rooms and drinks or asking about how your wife likes her new job, do you stop to ask yourself how well the casinos know you, and why they go to such efforts? If they know what types of games you like and what your financial situation is, they can milk far more money from your wallet than by providing plain old customer service.

The purpose of casinos getting to know their customers is simple: It helps them make more money. When they know which games you enjoy playing, they can help suggest new games you might enjoy. When they provide you with free hotel rooms, meals and show tickets, they encourage you to return, and we all know that the House stands to win most of the time. The more you play, the more money rolls into the casino, and their customers think that they simply appreciate patronage. I’m all for great customer service, but in an age where we have to worry about databases and identity theft, how much do you want the casinos to know about you?

There are a few ways in which casinos can collect data on their frequent customers and especially high rollers. One of those methods was started by Harrah’s Entertainment in the late nineties. They rolled out what is now called the Total Rewards program, which gives their most important customers (currently estimated at more than 20 million) a card that earns them points. When they play games, they either insert the card into a slot or provide it to the table employee to slide. That information is then recorded in the casino’s database and you earn your way toward more freebies. It might seem like you both win, but the casino is profiting more than you are from this system.

Once the data is collected from the loyalty cards, it is compared with key demographics and other public databases to give the casino employees a real-time understanding of how to treat that particular customer. The system is so advanced that, by the time you’ve handed over your card at a table and seated yourself to play a game of Blackjack, the attendant at the table will now your betting strategy, how much you’ve won or lost before and how valuable you are to the casino. All of that information can be transported in a matter of seconds. The database runs 24/7 because casinos never close.

There is one positive side to all of this, based on an article written by CNN’s Kim Nash in July of 2003. Apparently casinos don’t share their information with other businesses or sources. They prefer to use the information to their advantage, but won’t compromise their edge or their customer’s privacy by selling, renting or distributing that information. So even though every employee at Harrah’s might know how many children you have and how much money you make every year, you can be pretty confident in the knowledge that your dry cleaner’s isn’t privy to that same information.

Visualize the Crises: What Can Happen If the Bailout Plan Fails Us

In September of 2019 our country came perilously close to complete economic collapse. Most Americans are oblivious even today about how close we came, what it would have meant for us, and how we got there. Meanwhile, as we watch our leaders shout each other down and argue over major differences not only in policies, but ultimate direction of the country, we are missing what is important.

Next time you hear that capitalism failed us – one needs to understand that capitalism and socialism cannot be blended with any expectation of long term success. The Community Investment Act of the 1970’s and any other program designed to give people something for free is in fact socialism plain and simple. When the Federal Government required the banks to make sub prime loans it was like injecting poison into the free markets.

So where are we now? Well, we have just promised to print enough money to “save” the banks from utter collapse. ( Collapse defined as ” not able to get any money out !” ). Next, we printed more money for General Motors and Chrysler. Next we are looking at insurance companies and States. To understand how all of this is tied together, I suggest you watch this 5 minute tutorial before you read what may be in store for us over the next six to twelve months. The Crisis of Credit Visualized on Vimeo

The Best We Can Hope For:

The best we can hope for is that all of this money will jump start the overall economy. The problem is that even if the economy does jump start it can only be a short term solution. Massive amounts of capital pouring into the markets will spur inflation, some say hyper-inflation, that can increase prices in the markets ( commodities like gasoline and groceries ) in multiples of ten and creating an economic bubble that if bursts can bring down the entire house of America.

IF We Fail – What You Can Expect :

The First Signs of failure will show up with the banks. Even after the government has injected billions in new capital, the banks will need more. If you think the real estate bubble was bad – wait until the commercial real estate collapse begins to hit.

Next you can look for insurance companies to fail. This is because insurance companies invest your money in safe markets such as municipal bonds that fund city and state construction projects. As more people become unemployed, state tax rates drop. Dropping tax revenues cause defaults on bonds as seen recently in California and this directly affects retirement and life insurance payouts.

If you have a pension fund as of this writing, it is already dead. Most insurance companies are currently eating their seed money as they struggle to stay solvent because they do not obtain the method of managing the services and funds or deposit just as the Sbobet do and that’s the reason why they are considered more for their features. Look for them to cry for bail outs soon. Annuities will be defaulted back to State insurance funds which will be unable to replenish making the annuities worthless in the end.

FDIC will eventually not be able to shore up bank failures because of the collapsing commercial real estate markets and PBGC may fail as well as massive defaults on pension payments begin to mount. The failure of General Motors and YRC ( largest trucking company in America ) are prime examples.

As you see pension plan bail out request begin to come in from large companies such as GM and YRC, bar the door and get ready. FDIC in a last ditch effort to keep the banks open will elect to continue funding FDIC even at the expense of Medicare and social security. Debt based funding will cease as China and other lien holders understand what we have done to ourselves.

There is a real probability that when all of this plays out, State governments will not have the capitalization to maintain essential services, sending the country into near anarchy, civil unrest in the streets and a complete meltdown of American Sovereignty in the world.

This picture is so ugly that no one really wants to look at it. After all, this is America, it can’t happen to us. But somewhere in all of this denial is one fact we can’t ignore. The rules of economics 101 have not changed and are just as relative as sure as the rules of physics. Somewhere, someday, everyone has to pay. Hopefully, it won’t cost us our freedom and way of life.

Great Gifts for Gamers! What are they? Read to know

If you have a gamer in your life, you know that they’re always on a constant hunt for the latest and greatest goodies to enhance their gaming experience. That means you’ll always know what they want, if only you understood their language. Think of this article as a gift-giving guide for the gamer in your life and think of me as your Gamer-to-English interpreter.

Any true gamer is always on the lookout for a better and faster video card for their PC. A good card lets you play graphic-intensive games with more speed and realism. A bad graphics card will make their game stutter and freeze up, ruining their game and probably the harmony of your home. I won’t get too deep into the weeds on this one because I would need a lot more space. Here are the names of some of the best cards in the business today: Nvidia GeForce 8800GT, ATI Radeon HD 3870, XFX GeForce 7950 GX2, and the ATI X1900 XTX. Prices for these can range anywhere from $250-350 or more and not all cards will work with all computers. Unless you really know your gamer’s computer, I suggest you take them with you when shopping for a card or you could wind up with an expensive and useless gift on your hands.

Sound cards are another item that gamers are usually eager to upgrade. Most of them have similar qualities but Creative Labs has held the crown for a long time now. Their Creative SB X-Fi XtremeGamer sound card is currently the king of the hill. With prices ranging from $75- $125, they’re a lot less expensive than video cards and don’t have near the amount of compatibility issues that a video card does. There are a lot of other really good sound cards out there for similar prices, but why bother when you can have the best for the same amount of money?

A lot of true gamers need a good headset, especially to play on-line, team-oriented games. This is why I suggest giving a good headset as a gift. I’m not talking about those big, clunky headsets from a few years ago. I’m talking about a good set of 5.1 surround sound headphones with a high-quality mike. Tops in the field are the Medusa 5.1 Surround Sound Headset from Speed-Link, the Turtle Beach Ear Force HPA2, and most any Razer Barracuda or Sennheiser headset. These all provide really great sound and voice capabilities while keeping the rest of the house nice and quiet. These headphones will set you back anywhere from $40 up to over $150. No matter which set you give as a gift, they’ll love it.

To most people with a PC a mouse is a mouse. Talk to a gamer and they’ll tell you there’s a big difference in mice. If you want to get your special gamer a really great mouse, look no further than Logitech. Their gaming mice are consistently hailed as the best in the business. I recommend the MX518, G5 or G7. The best news is that they only cost between $40-$65, making them really attractive.

When it comes to buying for someone else, a keyboard is a little trickier than a mouse or headphones. Some folks prefer split boards, other prefer ergonomically designed boards while others will stick with their standard ones but it could be beneficial if they play with headphone  on daftar situs casino online to know the commentary for the game. As luck would have it, Logitech is again at the forefront in this area. When it comes to the king of keyboards, nothing can touch the G15 Gaming board. This keyboard can do a lot more than type a letter to Grandma, I can tell you that. You can find this board snuggled nicely between $50 and $75, which makes it a nice holiday option.

There are a lot of other gift options out there, like monitors, joysticks, steering wheels, foot pedals and speakers. Talk to the gamer in your life, if you can get him away from the screen, and find out what he or she likes. I’d bet my bottom dollar that they already know exactly what they’d like, how much it costs, and where to get it. The world of gaming accessories is a wild and ever-changing environment with new technologies coming out almost weekly. It might be a good idea to take your gamer with you and let them pick out their gift, using your budget as a guideline, especially if you find yourself in over your head.

Tells to Remember when Playing Poker

1. Scratching –

When a player is at your table and is uncertain of the play he or she is about to make, the player will begin to fidget and scratch parts of his or her body. If you notice a player fidget and/or scratch when placing or raising a bet, it would be to your advantage to call the player’s bet or raise the stakes even further if you have a good hand. If you follow this tip while playing poker on PokerQQ, you will find yourself in some luck even in that game. 

2. Blinking –

When a player blinks repeatedly, it is a good indication that the player is lying about something. If the player puts down a big amount of chips and you or someone at the table asks or comments on what kind of hand the player has and the player says he or she has a good hand but is blinking a lot, then most likely the player is lying about the good hand. I must warn you that you need to study the blinking pattern of the player before you can call his or her bluff.

3. Twitching –

When a player twitches his or her mouth, nose or eyes, it usually means the player is trying to hide an excited expression. If you see a player twitch when receiving his or her hand, it usually means the player has a good hand. If a player raises the bet that the player put down and the player twitches, it would be a good idea to fold if you do not have a great hand because the player who twitched probably has a great hand.

4. Nervous talk –

If you see a player at your table talking more than normal during the hand that is being played, it usually means he or she is nervous about something. If you or another player puts down or raises a bet and the player who is supposed to go next to bet begins talking to you or the bet placer more than normal, it is a good indicator that he or she is phishing for a tell from the bet placer or you; if that happens, it usually means the player is not sure about his or her hand.

5. Wide eyed –

If a players eyes are wide open without blinking that much, it usually means he or she is pleased with his or her hand. If the player puts down a sizable bet with non-blinking wide open eyes, it would be wise to fold if you do not have a strong hand.

6. Relaxed –

If a player appears to be relaxed during game play, it usually means he or she is confident with the hand that was dealt to him or her. If you see a player, who is relaxed, putting down or raising a bet, it would be a good idea to fold if you do not have a strong hand.

7. Over Exaggerating –

If you see a player over exaggerate a tell, it usually means he or she is trying to give a false tell. If you see a player over exaggerate a tell, it would be wise to think the opposite of the tell he or she is trying to convey.


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