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Programming Missing Nearly In Slot Machines – Check the programming 

As the display of the reels is powered by the computer software, it is possible for making the machine to display the most possible combinations near to the winning combinations. For an instance, if the combination of the jackpot is ‘7-7-7’, it could be programmed through a slot machine to display ‘7-7-(non-7)’ most frequently. This is done to make the players fool towards thinking that they have almost won, to tease them for playing more.

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Such practice to show combinations which is similar to win combinations more often then occurring in a random manner is known as programming of missing nearly or ‘near miss’. In the states of US, New Jersey and Nevada, it has been regarded as an illegal rule. The programming of this sort of machines was reviewed by the Nevada Gaming Commission but they have refused them to get authorized. An allied phenomenon is there which also sometimes known as ‘near-miss’. The probability of a winning combination emerges on a pay-line is powered by the percentage of winning mechanized into the slot machine. However, the combinations that appear below and above the pay-line are almost equally distributed in a random manner. Therefore, the winning combinations are more important to appear on the pay-line rather than their appearance on the above or below the pay-line.

With the use of example similar to above, it is most probable that the appearance of a winning combination like ‘7-7-7’ is on a pay-line i.e. below or above of the pay-line instead of the possibility of its appearance on the pay-line.

The occurrence of such phenomenon depends upon the position of displaying a winning pattern of the abbreviated physical reels on the basis of RNG. Virtual reels are employed there in the video slot machines and the symbols appearing in the region of the winning line accurately depicts the mathematic model of the reels. Nevada Gaming Commission has also investigated the matter of missing nearly below or above the pay-line.

So long until the specially programming of the near-miss below or above the pay-line, it was ruled by them as legal. On other hand, as any other combination, the possibility of a near-miss programming must be occurring very soon. It could not be possible to program the machine specially for showing winning combinations most often rather than different combinations below or above the pay-line.

It is more complicated to calculate here rather than to be implied. The halts prevailing there are not actually programmed in the way to give the result as an outcome of a calculation. Actually, likely to the mechanical machine of poker gaming, the designs of the reels strips are made in the way that the payment would be done as per the relevant RTP by the machine. In Australia, near-miss programming is prohibited due to the inaccurately display of the near-miss.

Inaccurate displaying includes that the reel strips are inaccurately represented towards the player. Therefore, the stop motion cameras are used by the regulators for auditing the practices of the manufacturer.

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