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When you move from one casino to another (and sometimes within a single casino in Las Vegas) rules that apply to the Blackjack tables may differ. Whenever the probabilities are changed, and the casino advantage is more or less important. For a player of blackjack it is very important to know what will lead him to sit at this table but not to another. For example, is it better to choose a table where the donor remains at 17 or a table where he draws on a soft 17?

the dealer has Blackjack, do I lose my bet?

In Europe, the dealer does not distribute his second card after the players have finished drawing their maps. If the dealer has blackjack with his first two cards, he collects all the bets of players, including extra bets from those who have split or doubled. This rule provides an additional advantage in favor of casino blackjack 0.11% European.

United States, the dealer distributes his second card immediately but remains down (Hole Cards). When he discovers it and gets a blackjack, he picks up that initial investments. For improving the bank balance, there are different chances available at the platform Pkv qq. The investment of the money is done with the skills to have massive bonuses and rewards for the gamblers. The use of the approach is the right one to have the benefits. 

the dealer hits or stands on soft 17?

We say that a table is On Any Stand 17 (S17) or Hit Soft 17 (H17). H17 on the tables the dealer must draw an additional card if he has an Ace and a 6: this is called having a soft 17, that is to say a hand can be worth 17 or 7. The casino advantage is increased in this case in its favor (-0.22%).

the number of games in the shoe

In English, we talk about game one deck, double deck (DD), 4D, 6D, etc. …

The more games in the shoe, the worse the chances of the player. Here’s how to change the number of games the casino advantag

the player can give up?

When abandonment is, there are two types: early and late. We speak as the case of tables with Early or Late Surrender Surrender. This option is for the player to be able to give up half their hands on him when the odds are strongly against (for example, your total is 16, 10 than the dealer).

This rule decreases the house edge, so it is increasingly rare.

Surrender benefit related to the player using basic strategy.

  • 8 games: 0.08% Note: To counter these benefits go to +0.25%

Note: Appears when the casino draws a map on H17, the advantage of early drop increases to about 0.71%

the player can double on the cards he was separated?

If so, the table is Double After Splitting (DAS). It is an additional option to double for the player. It is precisely by doubling on some games that we will reduce the casino advantage. The advantage of the player on this possibility is 0.14%.

how many times the player can separate the pair?

For example, you split a pair of 7, the dealer you used a third 7 that you re-pair; on most tables unfortunately you can not separate a second time. One speaks in this case only Splitted Peers Once (-0.04% for 6 games). However on some tables can be separated again (resplit allowed) as many times as there are pairs, and this is very interesting for the player.

how many cards can be drawn after splitting a pair of aces?

On most tables, we can draw only one additional card after splitting two Aces On the other hand it is very interesting (+0.14%) for the player to be able to draw several times after a pair splité As (Ace Multiple Draw after split). Some casinos offer the opportunity to share again the As (a pair of aces after a first division) thus conferring an additional advantage on a 6 games +0.07% to the player.

the player can double on any two cards?

If so we say that the table is first Double On Any Two Cards (DOA), otherwise the player can double that when a total of 9, 10 or 11 (-0.09% for 6 games) or even 10 or 11 (-0.18% for 6 games). For the player, the DOA tables are the most interesting since according to the dealer’s card the player may double in all situations advantageous.

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