Three Myths About Payouts In Online Slots

Are you a beginner who really wants to start playing in an online casino? Then you will certainly explore where and how you should try your luck. Perhaps you are carefully studying the comments on thematic forums and sites, and perhaps all written believe. In vain! Because to trust everything that the players say is not worth it. And especially not to take their word for granted if they contradict basic beliefs or even common sense.

Many players know that in all online slots the manufacturer has pledged a certain percentage of money back to the players. Let’s explain on a simple example: for example, the percentage is set at 97% – this means that from each put players, $ 100 back, he will get 97. There is an opinion that in some virtual casinos this figure can be understated after the player will be able to enjoy a successful session . But this is just a myth.

And what really? In fact, with all the desire, online casinos can not change the percentage of money back to players, since they do not have access to this function. And the best proof that online slots work honestly are checks that they pass several times a year.

What is the reason for the appearance of such a myth? And in that players after a winning session are often inclined to increase the size of bets or practice simultaneous playing in several slots. The result is predictable – more often than not, they lose more than they won. Hence the prejudice against, allegedly, dishonest online casinos.

The second myth is that the payments for new slots are better than for old ones.

It might be true for small ventures like Agen Judi Bola Online, but if you want to play a bigger game then you need to have adequate funds to go ahead with it as newer slots pay less than previous ones, which is something that most people are not aware of and take this myth seriously, thereby prompting them to go for the whole hog in a bid to earn something extra as almost all players are suckers for additional bonus and the worst part is that marketers take full advantage of their weakness.

This myth is the brainchild of talented marketers who know how to make players believe that they want to believe. Among fans of gambling there is an opinion that in the first couple of months of their work new slots pay more to attract more and more new players. And after a moment comes, when this function is supposedly turned off, and the slot simply starts to pump out money.

This myth also does not stand up to any criticism and it is again the technical reasons why it is impossible to pay out large winnings. In addition, we will not write off the checks and laws. So you should not believe in this myth, but you should know that online slots work on the principle of a random number generator. And rely on the player only for his luck.

The third myth is that newcomers are winning more.

According to this myth, newcomers who have just discovered an online casino will have an advantage, as they will win more often than others. But this is not the whole myth, some believe that the newcomers are much more likely to win progressive jackpots than just bets.

What is the danger? And the fact that players are trying to turn into newbies, create more and more new accounts, which can later be naturally blocked. There is something else you need to remember – none of the player’s parameters, whether his gaming “experience” or something else in no way affects the percentage of payments.

If the player realizes that there are a lot of myths around gambling, which you should not believe in, but you just have to rely on luck, then it will be easier to play. And this means that his attitude to the losses will be philosophical – not lucky, which means that he will be lucky next time.

We also mention some beliefs of players that can not be considered myths. So in many slots by clicking the Spin button, the online slot really already knows if you managed to win or not. Similarly, with bonus games – the system is already ready to give an answer in advance whether you are lucky or not. This is done in order to use MD5 technology, everyone could make sure that the casino is playing honestly.

Leigh is a gaming wiz and loves how challenging and competitive casino games are. In her free time, you will see her honing her card skills and learning about new strategies and tricks.

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