What Is The Best Poker Playing Styles – Know about the playing styles!!

What’s your playing style aggressive or passive? Do you wait for the perfect opportunity or do you play any two cards? There is no correct way of playing in poker. Everyone has their own style and all the different styles can produce a profit. Some players like to play moves of their hands, others just focus on getting the maximum out of their best hands. The tight aggressive playing style is recommended for most players. So, what is the tight aggressive style?

Playing Tigh

Playing strong hands. Focusing on the best starting hands such as big pairs or big aces. How to play starting hands in poker? Different styles of playing pkv games are available for the gamblers. The starting with the best stakes will offer the best and unique winnings to the gamblers. The playing of the games with the correct style will offer the desired results. 

Widening range if situation is right. They may also play hands like lower suited aces and suited connecting cards.

Playing Aggressively

Playing hands strongly;

More betting / raising. Less checking / calling.

So, how to play a hand tight aggressive? For example, the blinds $1 and $2 you hold a pair of Tens on the button, three players in front of you called a big blind. The passive approach would be to call in the hope of hitting another Ten on the flop. The aggressive approach will be the raise. This will either win you the pot here or lessen the amount of opponents considerably. Let’s say you raise 6x the big blind to $12, is a good amount to raise here. Only one player calls the bet and the both to see a flop of King-8-5. Your opponent checks to you and you decide to make a continuation bet to 20$. There is a chance that you have the best hand at the moment and your opponent folds to your aggression. Don’t forget: when should you pot control in poker.

What happened in this poker hand?

Aggressive with good starting hand; Thinned field before flop; Play heads up in position; Betting hides weakness; Stop opponent taking incentive; Force the fold.

Different types of poker playing styles

  • The Loose Aggressive Style i.e. playing many hands and putting a lot of pressure on your opponents;
  • The Loose Passive Style that is commonly play by many beginners;
  • The Tight Passive Style which is playing strong hands carefully;

The Tight Aggressive Style which we discussed.

So, in general you don’t want to play too loose through playing too many hands. You want to play your good hand strongly but not passively. Meeting this leaves only the tight aggressive style. More information about bet sizes in poker.

In conclusion a tight aggressive poker player plays few hands and when they do play in those hands they play aggressively. Go to any poker tournament and the room will be full of tight aggressive players. Yeah you’ll find the loose style, tread carefully around them, but most players will favor the tight aggressive approach. Some guys do very well out of it, very well indeed.

If you win one major tournament people will know your name, if you win two – you turn heads. If you win six poker tournaments people pray you don’t sit down at that poker table. More information about how to win a Poker Tournament.

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